Towels & shower stuff/toothbrush/paste

Pillow & Sleeping bag or blanket & sheet

Sweatshirt/Jacket (cool at night)

Bible & notebook & pen/pencil

Few bucks for snack shack if you want

$10 for paint ball (optional)


Tennis shoes for recreation

Appropriate clothes

Swimsuit ( modest 1 piece suits)

NO bikinis (bring overshirt)

1 set of old clothes to do mission time

All clothing should be modest and no

Inappropriate slogans/words etc.

Bug spray, ya might need it

NO short shorts

Medications must be in original bottles and turned into the nurse

Do NOT bring:

Skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, electronic games, pets, knives, fireworks, firearms,

tobacco, alcohol, pornography or poor attitudes!


You may have your cell phones with you but you are NOT to be texting, on facebook etc. during any planned activity. Leave your life behind and enjoy the time away!


Go ahead, gather those Costumes, Yes, those gowns, robes, fake shields, fake swords, jester hats. WE are going to be at the ROUND TABLE!

Each day is packed with: Fun, Bible Study, eating, sleeping, doing some mission stuff, worship, play, swimming, looking at the stars, snack shack, Ultimate Frisbie, making new friends, seeing old friends, getting out of your comfort zone, FUN, learning new stuff, exploring how each choice we make shapes us, shouting, having more fun, recreation, games, eating GREAT food, whew….how God is inviting us RIGHT NOW to learn more about who HE is and who WE are!

Tuesday: everybody goes into Glendale or Roseburg for a couple of hours of mission work-clean parks etc.

Wednesday: afternoon activity-PAINTBALL if you like or you can stay in camp and play/swim. Paintball=$10.

Thursday: afternoon activity is the legendary SPOONS Tourney. Evening Fun Time is Boys vs Girls Competition

Friday: the Wrap Up– Bible Study, short worship and a final knightly competition between Bible Study groups.

 WOW! To think all of that in 5 days! Join us!

What’s in a NAME?

Ever think about why God calls Himself so many different names in the Bible? Father, Adonai, El Shaddai, Lord, Alpha & Omega… he has  many names and many reasons for those names.  We are going to explore the names of God. And discover the power in the names of God. Also we will look at what names God calls us believers.

Our fun theme: KNIGHTS! These warriors had a purpose and a call. They also lived by a set of standards. Sounds familiar? We will explore what God has in store for each believer in TODAY’S world. Is the Bible still relevant today?

Come join us and let’s just explore these questions. And yes we will have a great time doing it. Ok, I admit we playing dress up as knights, jesters, damsels-but never in distress!  Let’s jump in and see what God has in store for us.

Crazier than ever,

Cindy Schenewerk

 a.k.a. Lady Crazy!

Camp Director

Questions? Contact me

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PO Box 1321

Winston, OR 97496