Towels & shower stuff/toothbrush/paste

Pillow & Sleeping bag or blanket & sheet

Sweatshirt/Jacket (cool at night)

Bible & notebook & pen/pencil

Few bucks for snack shack if you want

$10 for paint ball (optional)


Tennis shoes for recreation

Appropriate clothes

Swimsuit ( modest 1 piece suits)

NO bikinis (bring overshirt)

1 set of old clothes to do mission time

All clothing should be modest and no

Inappropriate slogans/words etc.

Bug spray, ya might need it

NO short shorts

Medications must be in original bottles and turned into the nurse

Do NOT bring:

Skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, electronic games, pets, knives, fireworks, firearms,

tobacco, alcohol, pornography or poor attitudes!


You may have your cell phones with you but you are NOT to be texting, on facebook etc. during any planned activity. Leave your life behind and enjoy the time away!


Go ahead, gather those Costumes, Yes, those gowns, robes, fake shields, fake swords, jester hats. WE are going to be at the ROUND TABLE!